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The solid wood house walls are conveyed crosswise into the plant and lifted from the conveyor by means of a hoist. A Microtec scanner, rotatably mounted on a spanning portal, scans the entire surface of the cross laminated timber element in a meandering manner and thus generates a complete image with all defects, exact position and filling volume. Boards with both transversely and longitudinally oriented cover layers can be detected. 


The gantry is equipped with several milling units, a gluing and setting robot, corresponding magazines for cross-wood plates, shuttles and crack patches and an application head for 2K polyurethane equipped. Depending on the desired panel quality, the repair methods for the individual defect types can be defined in processing recipes. In accordance with these specifications, the portal moves the cross laminated timber element again in a second pass. Here the defects are milled out and glued with the respective aggregate and the setting robot inserts shuttles or crack patches. A separate unit drills out missing areas, applies glue and inserts cross plates, while another application head fills missing areas with liquid 2K-PU.

hk14_2020_seite14.pdf Report Holzkurier 04_20 (in german)