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Automated X-Ray Inspection 

Complex structural parts in the aerospace industry must be manufactured to the highest safety criteria. International standards define the best individual inspection method for these components. The most common application for looking through and into the specimen without destroying it, is ultrasonic inspection. This is why we are talking about NDT – non-destructive testing. Various structural components made from CFRP, but also metal structures, are inspected using X-rays. 

In its role as integrator, Fill works together with the German company VisiConsult, which provides state of the art X-ray integration options that are deeply integrated in the FILL STUDIO control environment.  

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The concept

Following the multimodality approach, after several successful ultrasound integration projects, the logical consequence was to expand the portfolio to include the "X-ray" technology module. Together with our partner VisiConsult, we have already implemented several reference projects.   

While gantry-based systems were the industry standard of the past, robotized systems are the future. In combination with the industry-leading precision of the ACCUBOT, even applications in the field of laminography and computed tomography can be realized. 


  • Multimodal approach - X-rays can be combined with various other NDT modalities such as ultrasound or even metrology for non-contact geometric measurements.   

  • Unique inspection performance due to the high dynamics of the system   

  • No vibrations after positioning - immediate possibility to acquire X-ray scans 

  • Automatic tool changer FLEXCHANGE available   

  • Special path planning algorithms implemented in FILL STUDIO   

  • "Auto Ori" function - unique self-learning algorithm for perpendicular alignment on honeycomb cores   

  • "Easy-to-use" joystick operation mode   

  • 3D offline simulation & programming 


Typical X-ray source for composite inspection in aerospace manufacturing

160 kV mini focus tube

Precise alignment between X-ray source and detector utilizing ACCUBOT

0,15 mm mean

For full utilization of FLEXCHANGE Microfocus tube is suggested.

The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements.
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer.


Folder Composite Technology.pdf

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