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Economical production of lightweight compnents

For large-area and rather flat components, the matrix material (resin) is applied directly to the textile. A preform process is therefore not needed - a very economical solution for producing lightweight components. 

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The concept

The individual cut parts are supplied to the system in special transport frames. Depending on the application, these can be fiberglass or carbon-fiber materials.  

To improve the physical properties of these components, appropriate additives are brought to bear.  

Once resin has been applied to the knit, the forming process is carried out in a forming press. The form is then stabilized in a cooling press. Machining and inspection processes complete the production line.  

Throughout the manufacturing process, the controller collects all the production-relevant data and transfers it to a higher-level control system. 


  • High level of automation – low personnel costs 

  • Highly cost-effective thanks to elimination of preforming 

  • Short resetting times thanks to change gripper and automatic tool replacement system 

  • Insertion of necessary additional materials into the layer structure possible 

  • Compact layout design 


Component length (mm)

up to 3,000

Componente width (mm)

up to 1,800

Cycle times

depending on the resin system

Electric controller

Siemens Simatic S7-1500



Special sizes

on demand

Direct material feed from the cutter at the process beginning

Machining and part inspection at the end of the process

Technical specifications subject to change. 

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