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The turntable casting line

The Fill TURNTABLE CASTING LINE is a robotic casting line for up to eight casting machines arranged on a turntable for the production of aluminum parts using the gravity casting, tilt casting or rotacast casting method.

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The concept

The casting machines are supplied with molten metal and cores by two robots. Casting is performed by a third robot.

The following work steps can be performed full automatically:

  • Core feeding
  • Insertion of the indivual cores or core packages
  • Pouring of the molten aluminum
  • Casting removal
  • Casting discharge or direct depositing of the parts on a cooling rac


  • Fully automated robot casting line
  • Casting machines in stationary arrangement
  • Double-die machines also possible
  • Simple linking to cooling systems or to downline installations for e.g. decoring or raw part machining

Cast workpiece

aluminum die casting

Production rate

depending on the number of molds

Core turntable

available for single or double core pallets

Part discharge

Fill tray conveyor or directly into an interconnected system

Melting furnace

integration or separate supply possible

Casting station equipment

up to 20 cooling circuits, dedicated hydraulic blocks for different casting machines, gas technology for die heaters

Ladle blow-out and emergency deischarge station


Automatic ladle heating


Automatic gripper changing

possible for fast product changes

Automatic core feeding

Installation of the cooling rack directly downline of the casting line

Specifications subject to change. 


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