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Lateral tip and end processing

Sanding machine for lateral processing of ski tips and ends. The ski runs through the machine horizontally, with either the tip or the tail pointing forwards 

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The concept

Run-through procedure 

A feed system ensures a fully automated transport of the ski through the entire machine, with either the tip or the tail pointing forwards 


  • Electronic sanding pressure for 5 effective ranges 
  • Rubber coated contact rollers for long stable sanding result  
  • Angle adjustment for the two aggregates continuously 0 - 6° possible 
  • General sanding pressure change in % possible  
  • Latest generation of a PLC control with clearly laid out operating unit built into the control cabinet 

Machining programs 

In these programs, all important data for the machining of the respective type of ski, and the associated grinding parameters are freely configured and stored. 


  • High flexibility through use as a pre-sanding or finish-sanding machine 

  • Optimal sanding performance by matching sanding belts, sanding speed and sanding pressure 

  • Short set-up times, as no manual changeovers to other ski types, lengths or widths are necessary 

  • Machine material feeding either manual or fully automatic 

  • Optimization of the sanding belt by fast and safe adjustment to the required processing with built-in belt dressing device.  

  • Uniform abrasive belt wear due to new oscillation control by means of servo motors. 


Length/Width (mm)

800 - 2,200 / 60 - 160

Tip height (mm)

12 - 90 

Tail heigth (mm)

0 - 90 

Article number

0024-20-11 SPSES-A-TT-B

Drive feed (kW)

4 x 0.37 / 4 x 0.37

Feed speed (m/min)

10 – 16 stepless adjustment

Drive sanding aggregat

2 x 4.0 steples adjustment

Sanding speed (m/sec)

12 – 25 stepless via the program

Sanding belt dimensions (mm)

120 x 2,100


stepless motor adjustable

Input voltage

400 V/50 Hz

Total power consumption (kW)

approx. 13 (without options)

Compressed air

connection 3/4", 6 bar constant

Cooling water

connection 2 x 1", pressure 5 bar

Cooling water outlet (mm)

width 220, outlet height 540

Motor-driven angle adjustment

Control-panel operation

Automatic water stop valve

User login with RFID chip

Remote maintenance connection

Technical specifications subject to change. 

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