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The casting machine

The innovative machine concept has been developed specifically for the production of electric motor housings and other castings with a large installation space. Alongside the optimized ergonomics for the operator (cleaning, etc.), the focus of the development work has been on the implementation of a standalone machine unit (crane hook machine) incl. controller, cooling and a fully automated tool changing concept. The machine concept combines the demand for maximum flexibility in the product and process development with cost-effective integration into the complete casting process.

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The concept

Standalone machine unit

Each casting machine is equipped with a separate controller, die cooling and fully automatic die and media coupling.

Operation / maintenance by the operator

Continuous cleaning of the die by the operator is og great importance for the casting quality. For this, the casting machine can be tilted by up to 90°, the lateral and front sliders by 30°.

Core insertion

The core packages are inserted fully automatically by the external robot.


The molten metal is metered by the casting robot directly into the die where it solidifies. The die opens and the casting is ejected.

Casting removal

The castings are removed fully automatically by the external robot.



  • Good visibility of the die for the operator (for cleaning and maintenance) in the tilted position, despite its size
  • Separate controller directly on the machine – hence flexible operation
  • Controllable cooling directly at the machine (short line lengths, minimum delay, currently 62 for double die)
  • Fully automatic (mechanical, electrical and media) coupling of the die
  • Fully automatic (mechanical, electrical and media) coupling of the machine at the casting station
  • Optional: integrated back-pressure monitoring and core gas extraction

Length (mm)


Depth (mm)


Max. mold weight (kg)


Mold clamping

hydraulic wedge clamping elements

automatic coupling of all media an mechanical/electrical equipment

automatic locking of the ejectos / core pullers / slider unit

Tilt angle (°)

-0 / +90

Tilting speed (°/sec)



servomotor on lantern gear

Lateral/front slider tilting angle (°)


Stroke per slider (mm)


Closing speed (mm/sec)


Closing force (kN)

80 (higher forces on request)

Lateral slider separation force (kN)

500 (higher forces on request)

Front slider separation force (kN)

250 (higher forces on request)


hydraulic cylinder


hydraulic cylinder

Core puller stroke (mm)

50 (20 working stroke, 30 docking stroke)

Ejector stroke (mm)


Puller force (kN)


Ejection force (kN)


Number of cooling circuits (pcs)

max. 62, directly installed on the casting machine (short lines)


proportionally controlled cooling valves

Siemens S7-1500

Specifications subject to change.

Folder Foundry Technology.pdf

Download, 6 MB, PDF

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