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Automated photothermal tomography

Modern composite materials, such as carbon fiber-reinforced plastics, are increasingly being used in the aerospace industry due to their low weight and outstanding mechanical properties. Non-destructive testing (NDT) is essential for assessing the quality of such safety-relevant components. Based on active thermography, photothermal tomography is a fast, large-area and non-contact testing method for detecting the position and size of internal material and structural defects.

As an integrator, Fill cooperates with voidsy gmbh from Wels. The Austrian company integrates state-of-the-art thermography integration options deep into the FILL STUDIO control environment.

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The concept

In addition to ultrasonic testing, the method of active thermography represents a fast and non-contact alternative to non-destructive testing. With the voidsy 3D V-ROX, the first photothermal tomography system, material and component defects can be detected and visualized over a large area.

The smart and compact NDT system developed by voidsy gmbh allows the multi-modality approach for automated inspection systems from Fill to be extended to include the method of active thermography.

The 3D V-ROX system makes it possible to obtain quick and revealing information about the damage condition of the component to be inspected prior to a detailed ultrasonic inspection.


  • Contactless and non-destructive – based on active thermography
  • Determination of absolute defect sizes
  • Reduction of inspection & evaluation time – due to innovative postprocessing
  • Significant cost reduction for quality assurance – 70% more cost-effective than state-of-the-art inspection

Compacat Sensor

423 x 270 x 130 mm

Spatial / depth resolution

up to 660/100 µm

Inspection area

up to 400 x 300 mm

Overall weight

< 5 kg

Power supply

4,2 kW @ 400V/50Hz


1GBase-T IEEE 802.3ab

Auxiliary connector

Specifications subject to change.


Folder Composite Technology.pdf

Download, 6 MB, PDF

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