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The machining center 

The Fill machining center SYNCROMILL U is especially suitable for the efficient machining of large-volume battery casings and framework components from profiles or castings. 

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The concept

The Fill machining center SYNCROMILL U is the ideal solution for extremely large workpieces, such as battery trays, profile frames, and similar parts. The key feature of this unique machining concept are two independent three-axis units, each with a horizontal machining spindle. This allows diverse machining operations to be conducted simultaneously on one workpiece. 

To facilitate maximum utilization of the workspace, the workpiece is arranged on a horizontally moving rotational axis. Magazines for a fully automatic tool change guarantee a wide range of machining options. Depending on requirements, workpieces can be changed manually from the front or automatically from the front or above. 


  • Short tool changeover times thanks to quick-change system 
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to simultaneous machining of a workpiece 
  • Large operating range with small footprint 
  • Optimal accessibility 
  • Specific tool clamping technology 
  • Complete machining in a single clamping 
  • Ideal for automation 
  • Optimum chip discharge (e.g. MQL machining) 
  • Machine, process and automation from a single source 

Customer components 

Battery tray, battery frame, etc. 


Travel X / Y / Z (mm)

2700 / 1700 / 680

Speed X / Y / Z (m/min)

75 / 75 / 105

Acceleration X / Y / Z (m/s²)

7 / 7 / 12

Number of spindles


Tool interface

HSK63 / HSK80

Chip-to-chip time (VDI 2852) (sec)

≥ 5,7

Specifications subject to change. 

KC Metallzerspanungstechnik Folder.pdf

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Folder Batteriewannenfertigung.pdf

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