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The revolving machining center 

The Fill revolving machining center SYNCROMILL R carries out various machining operations on workpieces in a single clamping. This system is particularly suited to small parts in high quantities. 

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Friedrich Dallinger Head of Competence Center Metal Machining Technology
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The concept

At the heart of the Fill machining center SYNCROMILL R is a centrally positioned turntable with four clamping fixtures. In the loading and unloading position, workpieces are fixed automatically onto the Fill clamping fixtures on the turntable. Once loading of the turntable with new workpieces is complete, the table rotates through 90° to the next station. Different processes are carried out on the workpieces, e.g. sawing, milling, drilling, brushing, etc., in the three machining stations arranged around the turntable. 

The machining stations are arranged and equipped individually according to customer requirements, so yielding the widest range of possible applications for the revolving machining center. Simultaneous machining along with no impact on processing time due to loading and unloading of workpieces ensure the shortest possible cycle times. 

Once they have passed through all machining stations, finished workpieces are removed and conveyed from the machining center at the loading and unloading station. In the event of retooling for a new workpiece, all the clamping fixtures are replaced at once. This guarantees rapid type change and therefore optimal utilization of system capacity. 


  • 3-side machining 
  • HSK63 / HSK100 tool clamping system 
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to simultaneous machining of multiple workpieces 
  • Shortest cycle times due to automatic loading and unloading with no impact on actual processing time 
  • Individual design of the machining units (1-2-3-axes) 
  • Very short set-up and outage times 
  • Integration of pre- and post-machining modules possible 
  • Workpiece-specific clamping fixtures and transport systems available 
  • Machine, process and automation from a single source

Customer components 

Bedplate, hinge, connecting rod, etc. 

The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements. 
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer. 

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