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The linear transfer system 

The Fill SYNCROMILL L linear transfer system is characterized by highest levels of productivity and precision in the smallest of spaces.

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Friedrich Dallinger Head of Competence Center Metal Machining Technology
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The concept

The Fill transfer system comprises several linearly arranged machining stations as well as a loading and unloading station. Workpieces are placed in and removed from the intended clamping devices automatically by handling systems or robots. 

Each workpiece is processed (drilling, milling, etc.) in the machining stations from one or both sides, depending on individual requirements. The horizontal or vertical arrangement and the flexible, single- or multi-spindle design of the machining units make a variety of different machining tasks possible. 

Clamping devices are cycled automatically from station to station. This is where the respective machining operations are performed. With this processing concept, re-clamping of the workpieces between the different machining operations is no longer necessary. Hence, a high level of machining precision is guaranteed. Once it has passed through all machining stations, the clamping device is lifted onto the so-called overhead transport system, where it is returned above the machining units and lowered into the loading and unloading station. 

The machine is designed according to customer- and workpiece-specific requirements. 


  • Large quantities with the greatest of precision 
  • Compact design 
  • Automatic loading and unloading 
  • Part-separation on conveying in and out 
  • Flexibility due to multi-axis and multi-spindle machining units 
  • Variable layout of the machining units (vertically or horizontally) 
  • Simultaneous processing of part families 
  • Short tool changeover times
  • Support in the tool design process 
  • Machine, process and automation from a single source

Customer components 

Bedplate, hinge, steering housing, etc. 

The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements. 
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer. 

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