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The machining center 

The Fill machining center SYNCROMILL H has been developed specifically for the machining of framework components, such as longitudinal members, crossmembers, and crossbeams from profiles or castings. 

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Friedrich Dallinger Head of Competence Center Metal Machining Technology
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The concept

In this intelligent machine concept, two machining spindles are arranged vertically at a fixed distance to each other. This enables simultaneous machining of two identical workpieces  with a three-axis unit in a very short time. Equipment with a fifth axis is a possible option for specific workpiece requirements. 

A magazine for fully automatic tool changes is integrated to enable a large number of different machining operations. Depending on requirements, workpieces can be changed manually from the front or automatically from the front or above. 


  • Short tool changeover times thanks to quick-change system 
  • Highly cost-effective thanks to simultaneous machining of two workpieces 
  • Large operating range with small footprint 
  • Specific tool clamping technology 
  • Ideal for automation 
  • Optimum chip discharge (e.g. MQL machining) 
  • Machine, process and automation from a single source 

Customer components 

Profile, longitudinal member, crossmember, sill, bumper etc. 


Travel X / Y / Z (mm)

2240 / 525 / 665

Speed X / Y / Z (m/min)

75 / 75 / 75

Acceleration X / Y / Z (m/s²)

7 / 7 / 7

Number of spindles


Spindle distance (mm)


Tool interface

HSK63 / HSK80

Chip-to-chip time (VDI 2852) (sec)

≥ 4,6

Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. 

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