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The surface layers are high-quality and important parts of a 3-layer board, so the raw material utilization plays a key role here.  

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Erwin Altendorfer Head of Competence Center Wood & Profile Technology
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The concept

With the highly efficient systems from Fill, you can pre-plane, cut, clean, and calibrate the sawn timber. Use of high-quality scanners and high-speed conveyor systems allows the lamellae to be subsequently sorted and stacked fully automatically. All accompanied by highest possible material utilization and system availability. Production systems for surface layers are adapted specifically to customer requirements. 

Process steps: 

  • Quality inspection of sawn timber 
  • Planing, cutting, cleaning 
  • Sorting, stacking 


  • Surface layers for all common parquet and 3-layer boards can be produced. 
  • The production method is adapted specifically to your needs. 


The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements.
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer.


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