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The circular saw

The SPEEDLINER D circular saw from Fill sets new technological standards in the removal of risers, spures and gates. This is made possible by optimal interaction between the saw blade and the saw unit.

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The concept

Variant 1:

Two workpiece fixtures are mounted on an inclined rotary table. While machining is carried out at one of the fixtures, the second fixture is loaded outside the acoustic booth. Depending on requirements, this takes place manually or automatically.

Variant 2:

The component is clamped onto a horizontal rotary table and can be positioned as required for machining.

Variant 3:

The component is clamped directly onto a fixture. The component travels into the sawing position along the X-axis; the saw blade moves into the sawing position in the Y- and Z-planes.

For all variants, swarf and cycle material are discharges underneath the structure.


  • Complex workpiece geometries are machinable
  • Different types can be processed in quick succession due to simple changing of the fixtures and automatic part recognition
  • A reduction in the volume of metal removed by cutting is achieved thanks to a narrower cutting width
  • Up to 7.000 cuts with a single saw blade are possible due to optimization of the machining conditions by means of adjustable cutting data. Axial in-feed preserves the blade during the return stroke.
  • Employment of high-grade components for a consistent high level of machining precision
  • Under appropriate cutting conditions, machining tolerances of +/- 0,8 mm are achieved
  • Deviations remain at a minimum, even towards the end of the service life

Workpiece dimension (max.) (mm)

800 x 380 x 320 (larger models on request)

Dimensions with acoustic booth width / depth / height (mm)


Dimensions without acoustic booth width / depth / height (mm)

3.750 / 3.150 / 4.000

Saw (kg)


Acoustic booth (kg)


Motor power (kW)


Diameter (mm)

400 - 1.000

Width (mm)

3,5 - 8

Number of teeth

60 - 100


servo motor

Feed rate (mm/sec)

60 - 500

Stroke (mm)

400 - 1.200

Guide element

guide rail


servo motor

Feed rate (mm/sec)


Stroke (mm)



servo motor

Feed rate (mm/sec)


Stroke (mm)


Rotation angle (°)


Rotation time for 180° (sec)


Machine elements

central lubrication

Saw blade

minimum lubrication

Continous sound pressure level (dB(A))

< 85 (with acoustic booth)

Specifications subject to change. 

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