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The spot repair system 

The machines in the speedfiller family allow all spot repair tasks on boards/panels (3-layer boards, CLT, plywood, etc.) to be solved.  

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The concept

The SPEEDFILLER can use various solid wood elements (resin pocket patches, knot dowels, round wood patches, etc.) and viscous filler materials (1-component putty, 2-component PU, epoxy, etc.) for repairs. Due to our proven modular construction, the system can be adapted individually to customer requirements. Apart from high output, high efficiency, and reproducible spot repair quality, this also enables an upgrade in board quality. 

Depending on customer requirements and the required output, our SPEEDFILLER systems can also be designed as pass-through and indexing systems. Scanners are used to detect flaws on one or both sides of the surface and to transfer the information gained to the spot repair units. Depending on system concept, the defects are processed while passing through or statically with the various spot repair methods. 

According to output requirements, a different number of processing portals can be configured. Combined units (e.g. milling and repairing) are also possible. 


  • Reliable detection technology with a combination of 3 systems (3D scanner, scatter, intensity measurement) 
  • A defect database serves to transfer tasks as quickly as possible to the processing units and offers numerous statistical options.
  • Linear-motor-driven processing units enable precise positioning. 
  • Highly dynamic controller for shortest processing times 
  • Material savings thanks to precise metering 
  • Insensitivity to soiling 

1-component putty

2-component PU



UV putty

round wood patches

natural knot dowels

resin pocket patches

Specifications subject to change. 


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