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Joint gluing 

Longitudinal gluing of lamellae is an important process step in the production of core layers.  

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The concept

The SPEED COMPOSER is designed for production of core layers for 3-layer boards or parquet from lamellae. These lamellae can be manufactured from sawn timber, planed material, or gluelam. Depending on requirements, the SPEED COMPOSER can apply one or two adhesives in parallel. Customary hot adhesives and PVAc white glues are used in this process.

Hot-melts ensure very rapid transport rigidity; white glue provides high fatigue strength, if required, so there is no need for complex curing systems. In addition, high throughput is enabled in a comparably compact design. 

The system can be equipped with longitudinal and/or transverse saws and integrated by means of loading and unloading portals into fully-automatic production lines. 

In terms of software, the SPEED COMPOSER can be connected to existing production control systems. 




  • Compact design 
  • Both hot-melt and white glue can be used 
  • Center-cut saws and/or transverse saws can be used 



Cycle times

from 0.8 s (depending on lamella dimensions)

Processable lamella thickness (mm)

4.5 - 35

Possible lamella widths (mm)

70 - 300

Carpet width (mm)

1,200 - 6,330

Specifications subject to change. 

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