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Fill grew up with ski production technology. For more than 50 years, Fill has been developing and supplying system technology – from individual components through to skis or snowboards ready for sale. The technology has been continuously adapted to market requirements. The systems are characterized by robustness and an associated long service life.  

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Wilhelm Rupertsberger Head of Competence Center Plastics
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The product range

Component prefabrication  

  • Curtain coating of surfaces  

  • Component milling of plastics and Titanal  

  • Wood core production systems  


Press area  

  • Resin application systems  

  • Press automation  


Ski blank machining  

  • Projection machining with bandsaws, circular saws, and milling machines  

  • Sidewall milling  

  • Tip/tail grinding  



  • Belt grinding of edges 

  • Ski base belt grinding  



  • Ski base stone grinding  

  • Ski base structure grinding  

  • Edge tuning and polishing  

  • Edge breaking  

  • Washing and drying   


Finalizing and packing  

  • Numbering and labeling  

  • Checking and pairing  

  • Binding plate assembly  

  • Corrosion protection application  

  • Ski base waxing  

  • Packaging  


  • Quick type changes thanks to electronic control consoles  

  • Reduction in personnel costs thanks to high level of automation  

  • Robust machine design and associated long service life  

  • Quality assurance in ongoing process  

  • Short cycle times per ski  

  • Integration of existing systems and third-party systems  


Shortest cycle time per ski (sec)


The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements. 
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer. 


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