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Aluminum and steel profiles must be sawn into precise lengths for further processing. Be it 90-degree cross-cuts or miter cuts with acute angles of up to 15 degrees. This is no challenge at all for the saw systems from Fill.

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The concept

Be it single-bar cutting (stabbing mode) or in layers up to a width of 1,500 mm (overtravel cutting), profiles and solid material are cut to length. Intelligent control systems enable product changes in very short resetting times 

Examples of possible components (aluminum or steel):  

  • Cross-member profiles 
  • Side impact bars 
  • Tunnel connection members 
  • Sills 
  • Side members 
  • Battery housing brackets 
  • Profiles for window frames 
  • Profiles for formwork frames 
  • All types of tube, pipe, and profile 
  • Conductor rail/composite rail production 

Example: Concept of a double miter saw with handling system 

Aluminum profiles are fed into the cutting system in layers. A cross-cut saw separates the drawing waste (A-E waste) and transports it transversely out of the system. The profile layer is then moved into and positioned in the double miter saw. Freely positionable cutting tables and saw units are positioned optimally for the sawn length to be produced. They then saw the required components layer by layer. Fully sawn layers are transported from the saw and then via two angle transfers to an automatic packaging system. Depending on requirements and miter cut, the layers can be turned by 180 degrees. Highly dynamic profile separation systems prepare the profile layers for stacking in the ideal width and spacing between the profiles. A handling system with layer grippers and spacer grippers generates a stable profile stack, which is strapped at a bundling station and transported out of the system. 


  • Fully automated process chain, providing low personnel costs 
  • Precise production thanks to servo-controlled feed and positioning axes 
  • Universal clamping concept for layer widths up to 1,500 mm  
  • Innovative handling, transport, and separation concepts for solid and hollow profiles 
  • Precisely coordinated tool technology for aluminum or steel 
  • Short resetting times on type change, thanks to automatic positioning of the clamping and sawing technology 
  • Stacking with spacers or cross-wise possible 
  • The manufacturing concept is tailored individually to meet customer requirements 

Cutting angle ±15° to 90° (93°)

Profile separation and layer assembling

Semi or fully-automatic scrap removal

Turning of entire profile layers possible

Profile layers can be stacked into defined profile stacks with spacers and cover strips.

Finished stacks can be strapped and removed automatically.

Electronic controller Siemens Simatic S7-1500

Buffer systems

Integration of extraction systems

Process data acquisition

Specifications subject to change.


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