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Rotational forming - Kinematic moulding

Rotational forming re-conceived enables more than the production of stable connecting elements with the help of inserts. Local tempering allows characteristic profiles to be generated systematically on the 3D contour of the component. Control of the wall thickness and an intelligent combination of thermoplastically combinable basic materials make this possible. 

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The concept

Functional areas can be generated in a component with the targeted introduction of different materials by means of KINEMATIC MOULDING. The axial movements spread the material in the desired area, and local tempering precisely at the defined positions melts the material. This enables construction of multiple material layers with different properties. 

Simple, cost-effective tools allow product changeovers to be performed swiftly and economically. 

This project has been co-financed by the European Union's framework program for funding research and innovation (Horizon 2020, GA645987). 


  • Cost-effective tools 

  • Hollow bodies with defined properties 

  • Simple adaptation of properties with local tempering and kinematics 

  • Insert integration for load-bearing connection points 

  • Simple product changeover 

  • 3D design freedom 

  • High scalability 


Number of axes


Speed (rpm)

1 - 30

Acceleration (m/s²)


Torque (Nm)


No. of IR-emitter heaters


Heat output (W - kW/h)

130 - 3,38


Air, compressed air

Tool dimensions (mm)

300 x 300 x 200


Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl

Media at tool measurement technolo

Custom heating frame adaptation for specific component, process parameter definition, etc.

Air, vacuum, electrical connections thermocouple, Pt100, pressure sensor

All areas where hollow bodies with different properties or multilayer functionalized components made of different materials are required.

Technical specifications subject to change.

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