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Rotary table system with mold carrier

Fill supplies complete systems for PUR production. A significant scope of supply is the integration of customer-specific mixing and metering systems, extraction systems, and other process modules. In systems design, we focus on flexibility with maximum system utilization. Molds and mold carriers are mostly replaced with zero cycle-time impact. 

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The concept

The available drive concepts are chain, friction wheel, or central drive, which are tailored to meet customer requirements according to the areas of application.  

Statically mounted rollers take the weight force during loading. This robust construction prevents dirt accumulation on the roller running surfaces.  

Precise positioning is achieved by incremental displacement measuring systems and servomotors.  

The molds/mold carriers are either mounted rigidly on the rotary table or they can be replaced fully automatically by a manipulation system. 


  • Flat construction –- no pits required  

  • Wear-resistant drive and roller system  

  • Easy access to drive and positioning system   

  • Heavy mold carriers/molds possible 


Standard diameters (mm)

6,300 / 8,000 / 10,000 / 12,000 / 16,000 

Rotary table height (mm)


Max. drive output (KW)


Drive type   

Alternating current servomotor 

Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7 

Ring main for molds/mold carriers

Automatic changer for molds and mold carriers

External functions for controlling mold carrier motion

Complete automation, including robots

Technical specifications subject to change.

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