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The rotary casting machine

The ROTACASTER rotary casting machine from Fill is a flexible and robust casting machine, in which the molten metal flows into the dies by means of rotary motion.

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The concept

The base frame is pivoted on the base. All closing and rotary functions are integrated into the base frame.

The package is loaded into the die automatically or manually. Subsequently, the tundish is filled with molten metal.

The tundish docks onto the casting mold by means of a swinging/lifting motion. The casting machine and the docked tundish rotate together to fill the die with molten metal.

On conclusion of the hardening period, the casting is removed.


  • Optimal access to the opened die for the operation personnel
  • Free removal of the casting and the die from above
  • Reduction in cast springs due to high clamping forces
  • Flexible charging with molten metal – from both sides – stationary or during the tilting process
  • Servo drives for docking the tundish and the rotary motion
  • Reduction in the amount of riser

Swing rate (°)

0 - 180

Rotary actuator

servo motor with cyclo drive

Position accuracy (mm)

+/- 1

Swing time (sek)

5 - 30

Stroke (mm)


Closing force (kN)

25 (at 80 bar)

Stroke (mm)


Closing force (kN)

40 at 80 bar)

Stroke (mm)

0 - 80

Lifting force (kN)

30 (bei 80 bar)

Specifications subject to change. 

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