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The vacuum dosing system

With the newly developed ROBOCAST V vacuum dosing system, Fill offers an innovative casting process for new types of drive components and complex cast parts and guarantees maximum cast part quality while at the same time saving recycled material.

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The concept

The ROBOCAST V is used for low-oxide picking up, manipulation and dosing of molten aluminum. In order to achieve a constant casting quality, consistent and reproducible casting parameters are the decisive factors. With the new casting system, Fill guarantees its customers maximum casting quality while at the same time saving recycled material.

With the ROBOCAST V, the mold is filled dynamically with the melt, with dispensing volumes of 0.5 to 2.5 kg/sec. Depending on the mold requirements, the delivery rate can be varied and adapted during the metering process. The dispensing process can be parameterized in such a way that the mold is always filled under the bath after casting. After casting, residual melt is handled in a protective gas atmosphere in order to avoid oxide formation in the system.

The CYBERNETICS PRODUCE software tool integrated in the casting system offers an optimal solution for the seamless recording and storage of relevant process parameters that are required for efficient and reliable component tracking.


  • Flexibility and optimized cycle times through the use of an industrial robot
  • Low-oxide melt manipulation under protective gas atmosphere
  • Manipulation of the unit with residual melt (low oxide formation)
  • Exact dosing of the amount of aluminum thanks to temperature-resistant construction and intelligent control
  • Easy change of robot positions via the main control unit of the PLC
  • The ROBOCAST V can be changed quickly and easily in a special maintenance unit
  • Depending on the application, one or two ROBOCAST V units can be installed

Dosing tank capacity (kg)

max. 75

Effective capacity (kg)


Dosing speed (kg/sek)

0,5 ... 2,5

Repeatability Suction (g)

+/- 600

Repeatability melt release (g)

+/- 200

Max. Casting robot speed (mm/sek)


Max. Acceleration of casting robot (m/sek²)


Specifications subject to change. 

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