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The casting robot

The high level of automation provided by the industrial robot combined with the ROBOCAST casting axis tried and tested over many years result in a flexible, cost-effective production unit.

The ROBOCAST DUPLEX dual casting robot from Fill, used in conjunction with an industrial robot, increases the cost-effectiveness of foundry operation with its two casting axis.

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The concept

On ladling, the desired quantity of aluminum is measured precisely by accurate tilt-positioning of the ladle using a position sensing system.

Even at high traversing speeds, the robot control system with its specially developed acceleration and deceleration ramps ensures rapid but smooth conveyance of the molten metal to the casting position.

Following low-turbulence pouring of the molten aluminum into the die, the casting ladle is turned over (if necessary, through 360°) at a programmable position to discharge the remaining oxide film.

The casting cycle of the ROBOCAST and ROBOCAST DUPLEX is freely programmable and can vary from one position to another.


  • Flexibility and optimized cycle times due to use of an industrial robot
  • Precise dosing of the required quantity of aluminum due to heat-resistant design and an intelligent control system
  • Simple changing of robot positions with a full range of auxiliary drives (casting axis, external traversing axis, etc.) using the SPS main control unit
  • Simple and quick replacement of the casting drive due to pluggable design (spline shaft)
  • Depending on the application, the casting axis can be single or double

Casting axis R1

Swing range (°)

0 - 360

Drive torque (Nm)

225 - 710

Nominal weight of molten metal (depending on ladle geometry) (kg)

up to 100

Max. speed (°/sec)


Max. acceleration (°/sec)


Dosing accuracy (%)

+/. 0,5

Specifications subject to change. 

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