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The servo-driven strech-bending machine

The profile transformer servo-driven stretch-bending machine forms aluminum profiles with a high repeat accuracy. Positions, speeds, and stretching forces can be set individually using servo-controlled drives. The profile transformer is the ideal solution for use both in industrial production and in prototype production with low quantities.

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The principle

Horizontal forming practically along the ideal bending line becomes reality with the profile transformer. Retooling for other parts is very inexpensive with this process, while contour optimizations are possible by modifying the bending parameters. The use of flexible steel cores also enables open profiles to be formed with the highest precision.

Your advantages

  • Automated stretch-bending
  • Quick tool changes
  • Flexible deployment either in a production line or as a freestanding machine
  • Parameterization of positions, speeds, and forces
  • Upgradeable with optional additional functions: MQL lubrication, additional hydraulic function

Stretching force (kN)


Stamping force (kN)


Traversing speed of the axes (mm/s)


Clamping cassette/stamp

Quick-change system

Cassette swing range (°)


Stamp travel (mm)


Duty stroke (mm)

300 (depending on stamp/profile form)

Profile clamping system


Matrix construction possible

Additional hydraulic functions on stamp and/or matrix

Bending with core support

Max. profile length (mm)


Max. profile height (mm)


Max. profile width (mm)


Specifications subject to change.

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