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The counter-pressure casting machine

The PRESSURE CASTER from Fill is a counter-pressure casting machine for the production of high-quality aluminum castings.


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The concept

Back-pressure casting is a casting method for the production of high-quality aluminum cast parts. It is characterized by the fact that both the furnace chamber and the die space are pressurized. This can result in a very high pressure difference being achieved after mold filling. Both factors lead to a significant improvement in quality and therefore to improve component properties.

Along with higher quality, the higher level of automation, and an optimized cycle time, a considerably better material yield is achieved with the back-pressure method than with conventional die-casting.

The variable-speed hydraulics offer low noise emissions as well as large savings in energy costs. The Siemens S7 controller ensures simple operation and transparent data output of the machine and casting controller.


  • Low-turbulence casting
  • Pressurized solidification for the production of low-porosity castings
  • Top-quality material performance characteristics in terms of strength and breaking elongation
  • Individual setting of casting curves
  • Automatic pressure compensation
  • High productivity due to high traversing speeds
  • Low machine height thanks to compact design
  • High separation forces
  • Quick furnace exchange thanks to liftable lower mold clamping platen
  • High withdrawal accuracy thanks to massive mechanical synchronization
  • Multiple die cavaties possible
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Maintenance-friendly machine

Tool clamping platen (mm)

1.600 (tank diameter)

Closing stroke with linear measuring system (mm)


Locking force (kN)

300 (at 130 bar)

Opening force (kN)

600 (at 130 bar)

Upper tool / lower tool

up to 10 / 6 tool functions possible

Casting control

electronic, with 8 pressure stages for optimum mold filling


air, water with air blow out


on the machine

Number of circuits

max. 128

Holding furnace (kg)

crucible furnace 1.200 – 3.000

Automation options

tool changing, screen insertion, core insertion, furnace changing


casting removal

Specifications subject to change. 

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