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Profiles are formed and punched on our state-of-the-art hydraulic presses with numerous additional functions. 

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Erwin Altendorfer Head of Competence Center Wood & Profile Technology
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Alinah Hofstätter Sales Assistance Competence Center Wood & Profile Technology
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The concept

The hallmarks of Fill forming systems are solid base frames, precise guides, servo-hydraulic positioning systems for main and auxiliary functions, as well as the widest variety of tool-replacement and clamping systems. Aluminum profiles are punched and formed in a press with regulated output and speed. In terms of tool technology, the punching and forming operations are performed vertically in a cycle specified by the program. Our presses can be loaded manually or automatically.




Max. working pressure

320 bar

Upper TDC (mm)


Lower TDC (mm)


Min. tool height (mm)


Table dimensions (mm)

3,100 x 1,000

Table height (mm)

approx. 870

Rapid traverse speed

0 – 400 mm/s, continuously adjustable

Forming speed

0 – 35 mm/s, continuously adjustable

Positioning accuracy (mm)


The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements.
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer.


Folder Profile Technology.pdf

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