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Automatic polyamid casting system

Fill develops customer-oriented production systems for casting polyamide panels. The design of the mold carriers is determined by the casting process and the tool concept. Automation is provided mostly by industrial robots. 

We plan and integrate appropriate modules for machining and quality assurance. This allows high-quality panels to be created in different sizes and thicknesses. 

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The concept

The basis of the system is a hydraulic clamping unit in which plate tools are mounted. A displacement/pressure-dependent hydraulic controller compensates for the shrinkage that occurs during polymerization and produces a dimensionally accurate semi-finished part.    

The parts are removed by robots using a mounted vacuum gripper.  

 Robot-guided trimming of burrs and overflows as well as space for optical quality control are contained in an automated system.   

 Various options for stacking in combination with cooling plates are possible. 


  • Easy accessibility   

  • Hydraulic control axes 

  • Part removal with robot  

  • Robot guided trimming  

  • Individual stacking patterns 


Min./max. panel lengths (mm)


Min./max. panel widths (mm)


Min./max. panel thicknesses (mm)


Panel parallelism (mm)


Max. panel weight (kg)


Max. tool temperature (°C)


Max. closing force (KN)


Max. separation force (KN)


Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7  

Interface Profibus


Technical specifications subject to change. 

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