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Linear production system

Fill supplies complete systems for PUR production. A significant scope of supply is the integration of customer-specific mixing and metering systems, extraction systems, and other process modules. In systems design, we focus on flexibility with maximum system utilization. Molds and mold carriers are mostly replaced with zero cycle-time impact. 

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The concept

The system is used to manufacture large sandwich panels. A layer structure comprising various films and fiberglass mats of different densities can be produced manually, semi-automatically, or in a fully automated process. Foam, honeycomb, or other types of structural element can be used for the panel core.   

The paneling tools are equipped with heating plates and a vacuum system in order to deep-draw and fix the inlaid films. A simple plug system produces the necessary variance in size and positions any inlaid elements. A shuttle system moves the tools from station to station.   

For component transport, a manipulator with combined gripper system is used to convey not only the inserts, such as glass mats and foam or honeycomb elements, but also the finished parts.  

A manipulator guides the mixing heads to achieve even foam distribution.   

In a clamping unit, a closely meshed grid and hydraulic control axes are used to evenly distribute the closing force and to ensure the required component parallelism and consequent component quality.  

The concluding trimming of the component scope takes place in a stationary saw unit, while the waste is collected in containers after a chopper.   

Tools are changed by means of an optional shuttle system, with which the tools are stored in a tool station and pre-heated if necessary, in order to allow production to continue with no cycle time loss.   


  • High flexibility  

  • Simple tool system 


Max. panel length (mm)


Max. panel width (mm)


Min./max. panel width (mm)


Max. panel weight (kg)


Max. specific clamping pressure (bar)


Max. hydraulic control axes


Max. closing force (KN)


Max. length (mm)


Max. width (mm)


Max. height (mm)


Max. weight (kg)


Max. temperature (°)


Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7 



Technical specifications subject to change. 

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