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The flexible mold carrier transport system

This oval transport system is equipped additionally with an automatic mold carrier changer. This unique system allows the fully automatic replacement of mold carriers, including tools, during the production process – without having to shutdown the system. A system for the flexible production of a wide variety of applications.

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The concept

A robust chain conveyor transports the mold carriers. The mold carriers are suspended in these carriers and operated externally through a stationary manipulator. 

A closing station closes the mold carrier after charging with PUR. The reaction position can be set variably by mechanical adjustments. 

When changing mold carriers, a linear replacement manipulator docks onto the oval conveyor. The mold carrier cars are transported from the system on guide rollers and the new mold carrier is replaced. In so doing, the oval conveyor does not come to a shutdown 


  • Mold replacement without system shutdown 

  • The simplest of mold carrier technology 

  • Low maintenance costs 

  • High productivity due to continuous operation 

  • Ergonomic tool positionsEinfachste Formenträgertechnik 

  • Optimal place utilization 


Chain conveyor diameter (mm)


System width incl. changer (mm)


System length (mm)


Station partition (mm)


Transport speed max. (m/min)


Number of stations max.


Drive type

Three-phase servo gearmotor

Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7

Platen dimensions (mm)

1,600 x 850

Tool height (mm)


Parallel stroke (mm)


Clamping force (KN)

2 x 80

Separation force (KN)

2 x 3

Upper tool weight max. (kg)

2 x 400

Raise upper tool (°)

2 x 400

Tool weight max. (kg)


Frame swivel angle max. (°)


Tool functions

Tool preparation stations

Technical specifications subject to change.

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