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Automated Metrology

Metrology is a very valuable addition to non-destructive testing in a variety of applications and are also used in other aerospace manufacturing processes such as trimming, drilling and countersinking. Nowadays optical measuring systems with a high variety of accuracies and FoV (Field of Views) are available. AI-assisted image processing algorithms can be applied on image data in addition to the point cloud processing. 

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The concept

A key component of any system utilizing the multimodality approach is an optical reconstruction system which is used in a variety of ways. Depending on the use case, either structured light or alternatively laser triangulation is selected to fulfill the specific process needs. Being used to teach in, reconstruct unknown surfaces, or alternatively perform CAD replication & comparison, METROLOGY is the state-of-the-art method in contactless surface reconstruction. 


  • Multimodality approach – METROLOGY can be combined with several other NDT modalities like ultrasonic, or even thermography or X-ray inspection 

  • Automated tool changer FLEXCHANGE available 

  • Dedicated path planning algorithms implemented in FILL STUDIO 

  • 3D offline simulation and programming 


Determine the position of a specimen inside the inspection area automatically. Trajectories can be defined in FILL STUDIO easily.

Automatically scan the specimen in the inspection area and call the corresponding program. This leads to maximum process safety for the customer. This is especially interesting for systems with a huge variety of different parts. Unique features on the parts are used to determine the correct part type.

CFRP parts have properties in terms of deviation from CAD files. The so-called spring back phenomena makes it necessary to apply some kind of “reverse engineering” on complex shaped parts. The “part reconstruction” module inside FILL STUDIO performs a meshing algorithm to the acquired point cloud. The *.step file, coming out from the meshing procedure can be read into the offline programming system and subsequently the path planning can be performed.

While the previous three mentioned processes are related to ensure a secure and high-quality NDT inspection, structured light can even be utilized to perform measuring of geometrical attributes. Contactless part surface reconstruction enables new possibilities in part reconstruction. Accuracy of 0,05mm can be achieved. In addition to the 3D Point cloud, even visual information can be processed automatically (e.g. bonding areas, holes, …) HEXAGON tracker AT960 in combination with an AS-1 scanner is used to acquire high precision data. POLYWORKS is used to perform the corresponding alignment with the 3D Data. Measuring reports can be generated automatically.

The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements.
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer.


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