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The low-pressure casting machine

The principle of low-pressure casting with a magnetic field and short-circuit current at the end of the riser, directly before die ingress, facilities an improved, low-turbulence, process for casting aluminum.

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The concept

Thanks to low-turbulence mold filling, magnetic field casting is an innovative solution for casting aluminum in the low-pressure and back-pressure die-casting process.

A magnetic field is established at the end of the riser during die filling, and electrical contact is established. This slows down the molten aluminum as it enters the die. A laminar, smooth molten flow is created.

The benefits of this new process include a reduction in oxide inclusions, reduced porosity, and less scrap. The magnet mechanism eliminates the need for a casting sieve. Furthermore, costs for sieve setters and post-processing of the sprue are eliminated.


  • Intelligent process monitoring of the filling speed
  • Riser level detection
  • Casting sieve is eliminated
  • Less oxide thanks to laminar flow
  • Breaking effect at changes in cross section in the filling process
  • Adjustable parameters for magnetic field and short-circuit current
  • Integrable in standard low-pressure casting machine

Application in lower mold clamping platen L x W x H (mm)

850 x 650 x 280

Weight (kg)

approx. 850

Riser sleeve diameter (mm)


Short-circuit current (A)

0 – 400

Coil current (A)

0 – 200

Magnetic flux density (mT)

0 – 431

Compressed air (bar)

4 x 1 – 6

Process monitoring

Fill CYBERNETICS – process parameters can be stored directly in a database or cloud, where they can also be displayed graphically

Specifications subject to change. 

KC Gießereitechnik Folder.pdf

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