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Vaporless IR pre-foaming

The IR pre-foaming process patented by Fill offers the advantage of being able to further process the foam beads immediately, without any drying time. No elaborate infrastructure is required for generating steam. Thanks to the deep penetration of IR radiation into the granulate, the thermoplastic matrix softens evenly, resulting in improved mechanical properties, depending on the material.  

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The concept

No water residues

In contrast to the conventional process, where the granulate is added in portions in steam vessels, IR pre-foaming operates continuously. The raw granulate is metered on a conveyor belt and passes through special infrared heating fields for a few seconds. Then the foam beads pre-foamed to the desired density (material-dependent) are cooled down rapidly at room temperature. This means they retain almost 100% of their volume.   


  • Pre-foaming without water residues  

  • Energy-efficient  

  • High flexibility  

  • Easy installation thanks to compact machine design  


Discharge rate

Material and density-dependent 

Density range


System size

from layout 

Overall size, length/width (mm)

from layout 

Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7-1500


Profibus /Profinet

Complete digitalization 

Connection to a control system for data recording 

Automatic material feeding system for the raw material 

Conveyor system for foamed material 

Buffer store 

Recipe management 

Various discharge rates 

Propellant recovery 

The machine is designed according to customer-specific requirements.  We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer. 

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