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The cost-effective forming line

The Fill HDF Line increases productivity and reliability thanks to intelligent and systematic automation in the manufacturing of CFRP stringers.  

The core process here is the forming of 2D knits or fabrics with the help of a membrane under the influence of vacuum and heat.

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The concept

The production cell consists of the automatic storage system for forming tools, the HOT DRAPE FORMING station, and a press-pivot-lift station where all the laminates are processed into stringers.   

With the integration of a fully automatic tool return, manual storage and retrieval of forming tools can be carried out during the actual forming time.   

Furthermore, additional automation of individual subprocesses enables maximum capacity utilization. The result is high reproducibility in stringer production and a significant increase in the productivity of the overall system.  

The CYBERNETICS PRODUCE HDF software tool developed by Fill enables recording and management of process parameters all along the process chain.   


  • Automated tool movements  

  • Compact system for small footprint 


Max. tool table length (mm)


Max. tool table width (mm)


Max. heating temperature (°C)


Max. vacuum (%)


Automatic tool handling

Tool pre-heating station

Technical specifications subject to change 


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