Feed-in & decoring

Deburring & grinding

Feed-in & decoring

The components are placed manually or fully automatically on the infeed rotary table and rotated into the grinding cell.
The handling robot removes the component from the rotary table and feeds it into the SWINGMASTER 500 decoring machine. 

In the SWINGMASTER 500, the component is clamped, set into rotation, and subjected to vibration. At the same time, the sand core in the component is hydraulically broken.

After successful decoring, the handling robot removes the component from the decoring machine and feeds it to the grinding station.


Deburring & grinding

A handling robot or an alternative transport system feeds the components into the grinding stations. The combustion chamber side is machined on the machining cube in clamping position 1, while both the front and crankshaft sides are machined in clamping position 2. Four component-specific holders can be mounted on each machining cube.

Once the component has been placed in a grinding station, the machining robot starts the deburring and grinding process.

The handling robot then removes the component from the grinding cell.



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The Grinding Cell

The GRINDING CELL is used to machine cast iron parts. 

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The concept

The cast iron parts are fed manually or fully automatically via the infeed into the fettling cell.

The following work steps can be carried out fully automatically

  • Hammering of the castings
  • Cracking of the castings
  • Decoring of the castings
  • Knocking off the casting lines
  • Grinding of the castings
  • Casting outfeed


Specifications subject to change.


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