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The flexible mold carrier

This type of mold carrier is suitable for many applications. From single mold carriers for glass surround foaming to the production of interior components through to mounting on rotary or oval conveyor systems for the production of components in large quantities. For charging with foam, the mixing head can be mounted on a mold, docked with the mold by robot, or foam can be input directly into the open mold.  

The lateral arrangement of the pivot bearing and locking plates provides optimum accessibility to mold and mixing head.  

The presentation function of the upper tool allows you to achieve ideal ergonomics.  

The mold carrier can be driven electrically, hydraulically, pneumatically, or by external actuation. An optimized combination of various drive types is also possible. 

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The concept

The molds are mounted on clamping platens or stable frame constructions. The mold carrier is locked by driven bolt or hook systems.   

Depending on the application in question, mold carrier functions and clamping force application are performed hydraulically, pneumatically, or electromechanically.  

The mixing head can be mounted on a mold, docked to a mold by robot, or guided by a cavity in the case of open charging.   


  • Ease of access to the front and rear of the tool  

  • Ease of tool operation due to presentation of the upper tool  

  • A high degree of flexibility due to different reaction positions   

  • Flexible closing stroke – high clamping forces   

  • High flexibility for connection of the mixing head, including through the clamping platen  

  • Simultaneous movements possible in combination with electric drive 


Min./max. clamp length (mm)


Min./max. clamp depth (mm)


Min./max. opening width (mm)


Min./max. closing stroke (mm)


Min./max. closing force (KN)

10/ 500 

Min./max. separation force (KN)


Lid swivel range (°)


Clamping unit swivel range (°)


Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7 1500 


Profibus / Profinet

Tool presentation (°)


Upper tool presentation

Hydraulic/pneumatic mold functions

Tool replacement systems

Docking axle for mixing head

Ejector function

Mixing head tubing on the mold carrier

Technical specifications subject to change. 

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