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Edge finish sides and running surfaces

Precision grinder for edge tuning on the running surface and on the side edge of a ski. A precise edge geometry is achieved by tangential grinding. The precise angle geometry of the steel edge is an important factor for optimal skiing characteristics. 

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The concept

Run-through procedure 

A feed system ensures a fully automated transport of the ski through the machine, with the tip pointing forwards. 


  • Grinding pressures on the side and the running surface adjustable 
  • Grinding pressure distributed along 5 zones and 5 angles  
  • Automatic adjustment of the grinding disk when worn 
  • Angle adjustment for all units stepless (side 0 - 5°, running surface 0.6 - 4°) 
  • Stepless feed on all aggregates  
  • Latest generation of PLC control with clearly laid out touch operating unit built into the control cabinet 


  • High flexibility through automatic calling up of all the important settings for a specific ski type 

  • Grinding geometry always stays the same tangential arrangement of the disks guarantees a constant angle geometry, even with constant disc wear and tear through usage 

  • High efficiency, as no intermediate stops are needed for setting the grinding wheels 

  • Automatic width measurement and width adjustment resulting in a consistent grind surface for all ski widths or edge angle 

  • Machine material feeding either manual or fully automatic 


Length/Width (mm)

800 - 2.200, 60 - 160 

Tip height (mm)

12 - 90 

Tail height (mm)

0 – 90 

Article number

0027-05 SKT-LS1

Feed drive (kW)

8 x 0.37

Feed speed (m/min)

fix 10 - 16, stepless

Drive grinding units (kW)

4 x 4.7

Grinding speed

stepless by program

Grinding disc

diam. 175 mm


as requested

Input voltage

400 V/50 Hz

Total power consumption (kW)

approx. 23 (without options)

Compressed air

connection 3/4", 6 bar constant

Cooling water

connection1 ", pressure 5 bar

Cooling water outlet (mm)

width 300, outlet height 520

Wet extraction at the roof (mm)

connection diam. 200

Control-panel operation

Automatic water stop valve

User login with RFID chip

Remote maintenance connection

Technical specifications subject to change. 

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