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The umbrella term for all industrial image processing solutions provided by Fill. Our image processing experts develop optical test systems and assess them in terms of cost efficiency and technical requirements. Fill offers a wide range of applications for various materials and surfaces – from simple 2D position recognition and type checks, to 3D component reconstructions, through to optical quality control of surfaces by means of self-learning algorithms that imitate the decisions of the system operator.

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The concept

CYBERNETICS VISION is a complete, all-in-one solution. Ranging from the feasibility study and hardware selection, to image processing software, through to operation in a system network. FILL VISION forms the central operating software package for all camera applications.


  • The test system is adapted to the specific test process.
  • Tests can be carried out on a wide variety of materials and surfaces.
  • Optimized for Fill machines, but can also be integrated into third-party systems.
  • Simple integration into the system network.
  • Can be connected to other FILL CYBERNETICS products.
  • Measuring and testing systems are both possible.


  • Many years of experience in the field of image processing
  • All tests are implemented in FILL VISION.
  • Several test systems (2D and 3D) can be combined.
  • AI-assisted surface inspections and anomaly detection
  • The feasibility study is the first step and is usually free of charge.

CYBERNETICS VISION is configured in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.
We define the resulting technical data in collaboration with the customer.

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