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We produce fully automated production lines for cross-members made of aluminum extruded profiles – from the bar stock to the finished component. 

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The concept

Through the use and connection of innovative technologies, a cross-member system manufactures complex bumper bars in short cycle times, in many consecutive process and production steps. The key parts of the system are a forming and stretch-bending system, machining systems, and an in-line inspection station. Possible extensions, such as a heating station, embossing stations, or assembly stations, e.g., for setting rivets, welding applications, or applying adhesive, can also be integrated. 


Raw profiles are fed to the system either in their finished length or they are cut to length in the system. A handling system unstacks the profiles in layers and feeds them to the system. After separation, the profiles are indexed through the production line by a handling system. Depending on the alloy or tempering state (T4, T6), the profile can be heated before the forming process. The forming process itself can be performed by hydraulic press or servo-driven stretch-bending machine. Additional operations, such as embossing or punching, are possible. These are followed by mostly mechanical machining operations (milling, drilling, and deburring). At assembly stations, rivets can be set or add-on parts mounted/welded or glued in place.  An in-line quality inspection of all the required properties (bending contour, length, position and presence of drilled holes) can be integrated. Finally, the OK components are labeled and placed automatically in transport containers or output racks. 


  • Fully automated process chain possible, providing low personnel costs 
  • Precise production thanks to servo-controlled feed and positioning axes 
  • Forming process by hydraulic presses or innovative servo-driven stretch-bending machine possible  
  • Innovative handling concepts for indexing and repositioning the components 
  • Tool technology tuned precisely to individual operations 
  • Short resetting times on type change, thanks to quick-change systems 
  • The manufacturing concept is tailored individually to meet customer requirements



Cycle times

18 – 30 s/piece, depending on design

Component length (mm)

800 to 2,000

Component cross-section (mm)

approx. 40x40 to 200x100

Electronic controller

Siemens Simatic S7-1500

Integrated heating station

Integrated cleaning system

In-line measurement

Labeling technology (laser, embossing, ink jet)

Automatic stacking

Buffer system

Integration of extraction systems

Process data acquisition

Specifications subject to change.


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