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Automated Filling of Honeycomb Cores 

Automated filling of honeycomb cores with the COREFILLER enhances the modern production of sandwich structures. This technology is particularly suitable for the aviation industry but also for all other industries where repeatable processes are required. The contact times and contact points are designed to protect the system operator as well as possible from the fill mass. An enclosure separates the operator from the application and changing area of the dosing medium and the kinematics. 

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The concept

The CAD data of the contour(s) to be filled is loaded into the software. The filling parameters (overpotting, overlapping, nozzle diameters, etc.) are adjusted individually, simulated if required, and transferred to the machine. 

The combination of volumetric metering and nozzle pressure regulation enables a reliable, material-conserving filling process. 

A protective enclosure separates the operator from the application and changing area of the dosing medium. 


  • Precisely repeatable path sequence 

  • Lower material consumption (> 20% compared to manual filling) 

  • Containment of hazardous materials 

  • Automatic generation of contours from CAD 

  • Process control by pressure monitoring directly at the nozzle 


Clamping length (mm)

up to 3,000 (other dimensions on request)

Clamping depth (mm)

up to 2,000 (other dimensions on request)

Max. application volume (ml/s)

up to 8 (other quantities on request)

Max. path velocity (mm/s)

up to 2,000

Electronic controller

Siemens Sinumerik 840DSL

Nozzle change

Removal system

Redundant metering system

1-component or 2-component systems

Technical specifications subject to change.

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