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The hammer belt

The CORECRACKER B hammer belt from Fill is a robust preliminary decoring unit, equipped with a conveyor belt and adapted to the harsh foundry environment, which breaks the sand core of the casting.

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The concept

Following manual or automatic loading, the conveyor belt transports the castings in an indexed mann to the hammer position.

The impact hammers conduct energy into the component and break up the core.

Once the casting has been hammered, it is transported on the conveyor belt from the sound-proofed area of the hammering station to the removal postition, where the sand is discharged downwards.

The casting is removed manually or automatically.


  • Up to six impact hammers can bei installed in the hammer belt
  • The loading and removal position is freely accessible from above. Loading and removal is possible using automatic (robots) manual handling systems.
  • The function of each hammer is monitored using an controlled freqency meter
  • Maximum flexibility due to continuously variable setting options for the impact hammers
  • Depending on the application, the hammer belt can be fitted with pneumatic or hydraulic impact hammers

Dimensions (incl. Sound-proofing)

Length (mm)

3.000 – 7.000

Width (mm)

1.200 – 1.600

Height (mm)

2.500 – 3.200

Adjustable working height (mm)

1.000 - 1.100

Conveyor belt width (mm)

600 - 1.200

Machine (kg)

2.000 – 5.000

Acoustic booth (kg)



Omler or Globe

Air consumption (l/min), at 6 bar

approx. 900

Frequency (Hz), at 6 bar


Max. oil flow (l/min)


Frequency (Hz)


Gear moto

FI/servo operation

Specifications subject to change.

Folder Foundry Technology.pdf

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