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Milling machine for ski components

Production machine for pre-milling or finish-milling of ski components such as base, glass inlays, wood cores, inserts, ABS, titanal components, etc. 

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The concept

After selecting the part program, all machine components are positioned accordingly. The following processing sequence takes place automatically. 

The loading and unloading of the finished components is carried out manually. 



  • Stable base frame 
  • Two HSK-A 80 milling spindles with integrated tool changing system 
  • Milling units with precision guides and glass scales 
  • Longitudinal guide designed as stable welded construction, with 10 pieces of automatically adjusting holding down devices from the top 
  • Two servo cross stops with longitudinal adjustment 
  • 2 x 4-fold tool magazine 
  • Siemens 840D sl, NCU 7__.3, 


  • High flexibility by selecting all important settings for a particular component on the control panel.  

  • High milling performance due to design of the machine with sufficient motor power (2 x 29 kW).  

  • Low set-up times, as no manual changeover to other types, materials, lengths or widths is necessary.  
    Automatic cutter change from the tool magazine. With automatic workpiece clamp adjustment in longitudinal direction.  
    Two automatically positioning width stops (X+Y).  

  • High machine accuracy at full machine power. Solid construction of the base frame including guiding systems.  
    Machining axes designed with actual measuring system.   
    Stable pneumatic component clamping system.  
    Current consumption of milling spindles regulates the required machine power (feed) with reference to the cutter lifetime.  

  • Manual loading / unloading of the machine 


Length/width (mm)

500 - 2,400 / 30 - 160

Stack height (mm)

1 - max. 90 

Possible stack heights (mm)

Titanal and glass fiber max. 70

Components Tolerance (mm)

+/- 0.1 length (X), +/- 0.05 width (Y)

Article number

0131-02 CNC-BTF-240-2

Power milling drives

2 x 29 kW (120 Nm)

Cutter holder

HSK-A 80 with driver

Feed speed X-axis (m/min.)

0.1 - 30 stepless

Feed speed Y-axis (m/min.)

0.1 - 60 stepless

Cutter speed (1/min)

4,000 - 12,000 stepless

Axis strokes (mm)

X = 3,200, Y = 450 

Input voltage

400 V/50 Hz 

Total connected load (kvA)

approx. 85

Compressed air connection

1 1/2", 6 bar constant

Dry suction

2 x Ø 140 mm + 2 x Ø 120 mm + 1 x Ø 100 mm, V = 35 m/sec. 

Sound insulation cabinet with automatic door

User login with RFID chip

Remote maintenance connection


Technical specifications subject to change.

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