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Probably the most precise robot for aerospace manufacturing

Various applications in the composite manufacturing industry are requiring precise and rigid kinematics to guide the corresponding End of Arm Tool (EOAT) along curved edges and spherical surfaces. As standard industrial robots are not designed based on this prerequisite, FILL has developed the ACCUBOT. Based on the powerful path planning capabilities of the SIEMENS Sinumerik 840D sl controller, the mechanics from STÄUBLI has been extended with direct measuring systems on the robotic joints to get rid of backlash and other negative impacts caused by the gear.

Applying Secondary Encoders is the key to generate a deterministic behaviour of the serial kinematics, minimize the repeatability error and thus enhancing the quality of the absolute calibration which is applied subsequently.

The combination of this secondary encoders together with a sophisticated compensation based on a high order kinematic model calculated in real time in the interpolation cycle of the controller leads in an industry leading absolute positioning accuracy of less than 0,15mm (mean). The ACCUBOT is consequently the perfect base for any kind of path- or surface-based CAD/CAM processes in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

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The concept

Using a state-of-the-art industrial controller is the best base to provide solutions and applications for our customers, satisfying the stringent requirements of the global aviation industry. Having all level of the cell control in one controller, even several robots, is crucial for minimum loss of cycle time due to handshake and controller / controller communication. FILL STUDIO is used to control and manage any kind of application for the composite manufacturing industry and serves as an assistant for the customer, which generates a report at the end of the process combining all different modalities.


  • Single Controller Architecture for minimum interfaces and delay times
  • Secondary encoders are used to improve deterministic behaviour and increase the stiffness significantly 
  • Excellent repeatability is the perfect base for parameter identification of the kinematics and real time compensation of geometrical errors
  • Geometrical Accuracy verification & calibration available in two different scenarios
    • Laser Tracker based
    • Using unique Laser Sensor system which is installed in the cell
  • Special waterproof and precise design for workspace extension by linear rail is used, based on a dual motor drive with electrically torque clamped servo drives for highest repeatability


STÄUBLI based on the model TX200 (L)


Equipped with optical absolute encoders, Motors are encapsulated

Number of NC controlled axes

at least 6, to be upgraded if required


SIEMENS Sinumerik 840D sl // Sinamics S120 drives // dual robot layout is realized with only one controller

FILL is pilot customer of Siemens introducing Sinumerik ONE - available on request

Workspace length

theoretically unlimited – defined by the length of the linear axis

Workspace width (mm)

depending on the EOAT (for Dual Robot NDT Systems typically 2,000)

Workspace height (mm)

depending on the EOAT (for Dual Robot NDT Systems typically 4,000)

Maximum Process speed (m/s)


Acceleration (m/s²)


Mean Absolute Positioning Accuracy (mm)


PRF (PE/TTU Scanning) (kHz)

up to 4

Unique Process Speed and Flexibility

NDT & Metrology

Ultrasonic Inspection (PA/PE, TTU)

Conventional Air Coupled UT

LEANDT Inspection (Novel, unbeatable dry inspection powered by XARION)

X-RAY Inspection (with upgrades to CT & laminography)

Metrology.Measuring – Contactless Geometrical Inspection

Metrology.Referencing - Determine the position of a specimen inside the inspection area automatically

Metrology.Validation – Automatic Part Type Detection

Metrology.Reconstruction – Reconstruct unknown geometries

Drilling, Countersinking

Trimming, Milling

Additive Manufacturing

FLEXCHANGE Tool changer & storage for fully automated EOAT exchange

External axes available

Precise and waterproof linear axis


Active Tool (typically used for TTU inspection of complex curved CFRP parts)

Mobile robotic solution available based on ACCUROVER concept

Single- or dual robot layout with Real Time TCP coupling

Periodical Accuracy verification and calibration possible

Accuracy verification without laser tracker available

Technical specifications subject to change 


Folder Composite Technology.pdf

Download, 6 MB, PDF

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