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The robot drilling cell

The high-precision ACCUBOT CNC robot from Fill is used in numerous applications. The task of the ACCUBOT DRILLING robot drilling cell is to drill counterbores repeatably and with the required accuracy into landing flap shells.  

In order to adapt the machining program precisely to the component position, the clamping fixture and the component are measured before the machining operation. Tools are changed fully automatically, and machine tools can even be loaded during operation. 

To make programming the system as easy as possible, an offline programming tool is used 

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The concept

A numerically controlled, 7-axis robot moves the end effector to the drilling positions supplied by a post-processor. Laser sensors check the alignment of component and d end effector, readjusting it as necessary. A servo axis on the end effector, independent of the robot, performs the drilling-sinking operation. 

An additional linear axis allows an increase of the machining area. 


  • High positioning accuracy 

  • High repeat accuracy 

  • Small footprint 

  • Short tool-change times 

  • Expandable for additional processes 

  • Automatic tool changing 

  • Direct control with Siemens 840D sl 


Number of NC axes


Positioning accuracy (mm)


Real-time compensation

for highest accuracy

Electronic controller

Siemens 840D sl

Tool positions

2 x 25

Tool interface


Power S1/100% (kW)


Torque S1/100% (Nm)


Max. speed (min-1)


Process monitoring (wear check)

RFID tool coding

VAD (Vibration Asissted Drilling)

Technical specifications subject to change 


Folder Composite Techology.pdf

Download, 6 MB, PDF

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