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Fill Media Service September 2010


Industry / Automation Technology / Trade Fair


Turning visions into reality

weitblick systems proved to be a compelling attraction at Motek 2010 with AGNOS, the innovative separation and feed system for long parts.


At the Motek international trade fair for assembly, handling, and automation technology from 13th - 16th September in Stuttgart, the specialists in in-process quality control during production surprised everybody with AGNOS, the innovative separation and feed system for long parts. "Industrial image processing is becoming increasingly important in the field of automation technology. This was demonstrated clearly by the many discussions with customers and prospective buyers at the Motek," explains Rainer Reisinger, CEO of weitblick systems.


Stuttgart/ Gurten, 13th September, 2010 Successful appearance for weitblick systems at the Motek trade fair. The Austrian image processing specialists caused quite a sensation at the exhibition with the AGNOS separation and feed system. “Our appearance at the Motek trade fair turned out to be very successful. Alongside many positive discussions, there were also concrete project inquiries,” says Rainer Reisinger. Potential customers from diverse branches of industry were provided with detailed information on the innovative image processing systems. „In particular, our complete range of services, from consultancy to installation, aroused a great deal of interest," says a very satisfied Rainer Reisinger.


Intelligent system

The AGNOS intelligent separation and feed system for long parts was one of the highlights at the trade fair. It identifies the uppermost part in a storage container, removes it reliably, and places it in a defined position. Flexibility combined with high cycle times make AGNOS a universal solution for everywhere where long-formed parts are processed. The innovative machine is suitable for all lengths of parts, and for low and high production volumes alike.


Success through innovation

weitblick systems based in Gurten, Upper Austria, has specialized in the development of systems for in-process quality control during production. Images of the objects to be checked are recorded with cameras and then evaluated with a special software package. „These systems are not only fast and reliable, but they also enable 100% inspection of the products," emphasizes Rainer Reisinger.


Corporate data

weitblick systems GmbH, based in Gurten, Upper Austria, has positioned itself successfully in the market in recent years in the fields of industrial image processing and software engineering. In the image processing sector, the company is a recognized specialist for special solutions with customers in Austria, Germany, the CzechRepublic, and Hungary. The business is run as a limited company (GmbH). Since June 2010, Fill has been the majority shareholder in weitblick systems with a 52 percent stake in the company founded in 2006.


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The AGNOS intelligent separation and feed system for long parts from weitblick systems was one of the highlights at the Motek 2010 trade fair.

Photo: 3007 Wien
beschicksystem_agnos_hi1.jpg Photo - AGNOS
13.09.2010_en.doc Turning visions into reality