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Nothing escapes this quality check

X-ray solution supplies the insights: Diverse materials are screened with X-rays in production. Special testing software points out every possible fault immediately.


New standards in quality assurance: weitblick systems supplies its innovative X-ray solutions for automatic quality control in production. X-ray units are integrated directly into the production line for this purpose. Thanks to the extremely high resolution of the cameras employed and a specially developed software package, recorded images are evaluated and analyzed automatically. This allows components to be tested directly during the production process. Fast, reliable, and guaranteed as safe.


Gurten, 24 April 2012 –   Innovative inspection systems are increasingly important in the automation of production processes. Sophisticated quality assurance systems are required to guarantee high productivity with consistently high quality. X-Ray Solution from weitblick systems opens up completely new dimensions in quality assurance. X-rays allow one to see through a wide variety of materials, such as metals, plastics, wood, etc. The high-resolution systems guarantee the highest recording quality at consistently high scanning speeds. "Our core expertise is automatic image evaluation. The systems are equipped with line-scan cameras and the component is scanned while it is moving, thereby ensuring 100 percent quality assurance," explains Rainer Reisinger, CEO of weitblick systems.


Outstanding properties

Image quality is particularly important for automatic image evaluation. Conventional X-ray systems work with a resolution of around 400 x 400 pixels. However, a comparable system from weitblick systems works with a resolution of 2000 x 2000 pixels.  This means that no fault remains hidden in the automatic evaluation by means of special weitblick inspection software. Another plus point is the high (scanning) speed, which allows the inspection systems to be integrated directly into the production lines and therefore quality control to be achieved during production itself.


Reliable and flexible

The X-Ray solutions for automatic quality control in production are tailored to individual customer requirements. "We can react completely flexibly to every customer´s needs. Our X-ray scanners are integrated easily into production systems of any size," says Rainer Reisinger.


Corporate data

Weitblick Systems GmbH develops innovative production inspection systems. Ever increasing quality requirements and the necessity for 100% inspection call for constant innovation in the field of quality assurance. Faults are identified reliably with industrial image processing and the very latest sensor technologies. Component inspection can be integrated directly into the production process. Data generated is processed and evaluated by means of specially developed software. DI (FH) Rainer Reisinger is CEO of the company founded in 2007, which has been affiliated to Fill Machine Engineering since June 2010.


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X-ray solution quality check supplies the insights:

X-ray photograph of a carbon bycicle frame


Photo: weitblick systems


nothingescapesthisqualitycheck.doc Nothing escapes this quality check
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nothingescapesthisqualitycheck.doc Nothing escapes this quality check
weitblick.jpg weitblick systems