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Fill Machine Engineering Media Service May 2011


Industry / Machine Engineering / Woodworking / Innovations


Fill Machine Engineering starts production of its own saw bands

Fill, the leading international machine engineering company, is entering into the field of tool production.


Perfect processing machines need perfect tools. To ensure their provision, the high-tech machine engineering company Fill is entering into tool production. In the first step, high-quality saw bands will be produced for the Fill "speedliner" thin-cutting bandsaws. "We would like to offer our customers the best total solutions, machines and tools from a single source, all coordinated with each other optimally. Our in-house team of technicians is producing saw bands of outstanding quality in our innovation center," according to the joint CEOs Andreas Fill and Wolfgang Rathner. 


Gurten, 17 May 2011 –  The "speedliner" thin-cutting bandsaws from Fill guarantee the highest levels of precision, performance and flexibility. With sawing precision of +/– 0.1 mm and kerfs as narrow as 0.9 mm, even the hardest of wood types can be cut precisely. “fill premium kerf" saw bands have been developed to exploit the full performance potential from the "speedliner" saws. A choice of hard metal and stellite saw blades can be selected for wet or dry cutting. "At the Fill Innovation Center, we develop and produce optimal saw bands for meeting individual customer requirements. Our competence as a full-range provider hence guarantees that the customer can achieve excellent cutting results within short time," says Erwin Altendorfer, Manager of the Wood Competence Center at Fill. Fill supports its customers´ continuous production processes with appropriate tool logistics. 


The entire spectrum of woodworking technology

Sawing, machining, pressing, repairing, automation, and sorting - Fill Machine Engineering plans and supplies complete production lines for high-quality woodworking. The "speedliner" series of bandsaws guarantees the highest levels of precision and performance for cutting the widest variety of wood types. The new “fill premium kerf" long-life saw bands are coordinated perfectly with the high-performance saws. The wood spot repair systems "speedfiller solid" and "speedfiller visco" for the first time allow fully automatic repairing of wood surfaces (parquet, multilayer boards, plywood) with the highest levels of quality. "speedpress" and "speedcomposer" are variably configurable, high-performance presses for rapid bonding systems. The presses achieve an output of up to 30 parts per minute per line. This allows the achievement of comprehensive quality and cost optimization. With the unique combination of advanced series production machines and expertise in customer-specific solutions, Fill Machine Engineering provides a broad spectrum of woodworking technology. From conception to production, installation, service, and extending to automated data analysis.


Corporate Data

Fill is a leading international machine and plant manufacturing company for diverse branches of industry. The family-owned business excels in the use of the latest technologies in management, communication, and production. Business operations encompass the fields of metal, plastics and wood for the automotive, aircraft, wind energy, sport and building industries The company is the global market leader in ski and snowboard production machines and aluminum core removal technology. Andreas Fill and Wolfgang Rathner are joint CEOs of the company founded in 1966 that is still completely family-owned. The company became a public limited company (GmbH) in 1987, was certified in accordance with ISO 9001 in 1997, and now has more than 450 employees.


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Detail saw band "fill premium kerf"

Photo: Fill
saegeband_bild_1.jpg Saw band "fill premium kerf"
17.05.2011_en.doc Fill Machine Engineering starts production of its own saw bands