Yes he can

Josef Fill | © Fill

Politics can be different

Father of Therme Geinberg, initiator of “Women in Technology”, and founder of the technology centers.

Josef Fill showed pioneering spirit, foresight, and courage when he ventured into self-employment in 1966 and founded the eponymous metalworking company “Josef Fill Maschinen- und Anlagenbau”. These qualities have served him well over the years, accompanying him throughout his career in both business and politics. During this time, he implemented many projects that are still of great importance today.

His talent for making the right decisions and striking the right deals is not immediately obvious to everyone – be it when his company made its first major investment in a new office building and a production hall (“Sepp Fill is building everything way too big”) or later on, when he played a big part in developing the Therme Geinberg resort (“That will never work”). In more than twenty years as district chairman of the “Wirtschaftsbund” business association, as a member of the state parliament, and as Minister for Economic Affairs for Upper Austria, Josef Fill has shown how to “do the job properly”.

Interacting in a respectful way across party lines is just as important to him as having an open ear for the concerns of people in the region. Objective politics always beats hurtful and malicious polemics.

How many visitors have enjoyed the warm waters of Therme Geinberg since it first opened in 1998? How many girls have been inspired to start a career in engineering thanks to the “Women in Technology” campaign? And how many companies have evolved out of the TechnoZ? We don’t know the exact figures. All we know is that these flagship projects have contributed significantly to the economic upturn in our region. Yes, politics can be different!

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