The Sound of Fill

Story The Sound of Fill | © Fill

The broad repertoire of a technology company.

Technology and music can exist in harmony. The diverse musical activities at Fill provide clear proof of this.

"You say, one love, one life" – a summer festival at Fill. There'll be hundreds of employees and their partners at the upcoming summer spritzer in the company's chestnut garden, enjoying a relaxed atmosphere to the sound of "It's one need in the night …". There'll be live music from the Woodworms, with band members Karl Metz (responsible for drums and project planning in the Wood Competence Center), Karl Fürk (lead guitar, vocals, and Head of Supply Chain Management), Johann Redhammer (bass and retired sales representative from the Wood Competence Center), Wilfried Wiesbauer (acoustic guitar and apprentice training), and Erwin Altendorfer (keyboard, vocals, and Head of the Wood Competence Center).

Their repertoire includes songs from CCR, Hubert von Goisern, and even "Narcotic" by Liquido. The band's repertoire has been entertaining audiences at all the company's celebrations since 2010. And their reputation has long since extended beyond the company premises – the Woodworms are now a popular booking for weddings, parties, and open-air events as well.

"Almost all the band members worked for the Wood Competence Center back then, so we became known within the company as 'die Holzwürmer' – German for 'the woodworms' – hence the name of the band."

//Erwin Altendorfer, keyboard player and singer with the Woodworms and Head of the Wood Competence Center

Musical talent needs to congregate, coalesce, and find its expression. There's a rehearsal room for this at Fill. So colleagues who have spent the whole day chewing over complex technical challenges with each other leave their department together only to gather again a few meters away for after-work band practice. Perhaps that's one of the reasons why the Wood Competence Center is so successful.

But the Woodworms are not alone. An amazing number and variety of musical talents can be found among the employees in Gurten. Around 80 of them are active members of local brass bands, for example. A more than adequate line-up for an orchestra, thought quality manager Sebastian Schraml, who composed the "Josef Fill March" to mark the 80th birthday of company founder Josef Fill. The first performance in the Future Dome was a big surprise.

"Mister Altendorfer, you have a voice like Elton John!"

//Marianne Fill,
dancer and senior partner of Fill

Electronic systems engineer Manuel Vöcklinger, on the other hand, is known far beyond the local region for his special talent on the "Styrian". In 2009, he won the Upper Austrian state talent competition, while in 2014 he was very pleased with fourth place in the International Alpine Grand Prix of Popular Music in South Tyrol, one of the most prestigious competitions on the folk music scene. And naturally he has also graced his colleagues with the odd performance or two.

Furthermore, the team at Fill comprises an alpine horn ensemble, members of various choirs, several conductors, a composer, karaoke singers, dancers, and musicians – from folk music to heavy metal. Is it the combination of technology and music that harmonizes so well? Or could it be that music comes into being where things are harmonious? "We get to carry each other. One love."

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