Schubi-dubi-dong - The Filli Future Song

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One day in the exciting life of Fabian

Career or children? There can be no question if you believe in the future. Both must be possible, otherwise neither is fulfilling. Planet Filli Future is a place of enjoyment that allows work and family life to be harmonized in Gurten.

It's six in the morning and Karlo, the cheeky cockerel from next door, is rousing his neighbors from their sleep with a loud cock-a-doodle-doo. For Fabian, it's also high time to get up and make the most of the day. He rubs the sand from his eyes and crawls out of bed.

At weekends, the day begins mostly with a picture book story for Fabian. There tends to be less time for this during the week. Then his diaper is changed in near-record time and his ultra-cozy jersey pants with practical side pockets are pulled on quickly, followed by a cool T-shirt featuring digger motifs or pictures of Filli Future. Fabian likes those in particular. After a marmalade sandwich for energy, it's time to go.

The delight at a reunion with the 'Fillis' (as the little inhabitants of Planet Filli Future are known) is palpable. Here he feels at home, well cared for by excellent educators. Understandable, because there are many more playmates here than at home. His elder brother, Jonas, also attended Planet Filli Future in his early years. But now he goes to kindergarten and will soon be going to school.

Fabian hardly has time to say goodbye to his mom, since his friends are already waiting for him. How nice that both of his parents work right next door – this always makes Fabian and his parents feel a little safer. Mom or dad can be there straight away in the event of any ouchies.

Planet Filli Future is a paradise for children aged one to three years. Every day, colorful picture books are read aloud, large Duplo bricks stacked, presents crafted, pictures painted, and music played. In the small gym, kids train for turning their first somersault and scale a climbing wall. Fabian loves to whiz around the Planet's corridors on a Bobbycar (signed by Louis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg). In good weather, they play outside in the garden, building little sandcastles. There's no way around the intergalactic play equipment. A slide on the 'Planetomobil' must be simple.

Appropriate for the time of year or holiday period, beautiful decorations and costumes are put together – the little 'Filli Future' mascot is always theme number 1 – and suitable songs are sung. Top of the pops in the Filli Future charts is the 'Filli Future song': "Filli, he's our little star..."

Playing all day makes children hungry, so they are always provided with a healthy morning snack and a tasty midday meal. Fixed daily routines are very important for the development of Fabian and the other Fillis. And things simply taste much better when eaten together. Today there's spaghetti – al dente, of course. Then it sticks much better to hair and faces.

If Fabian feels tired, he can snuggle up with one or more of the many cuddly toys – from 'Mainzelmännchen' figures to a two meter tall rabbit without ears. But the one he loves the most is the cuddly elephant with floppy ears (almost as tall as he is).

After a short power nap in the cozy dormitory, the day at Planet Filli Future draws slowly to a close. With a broad smile on his face, Fabian jumps into his mother's arms and gives her a big kiss on the cheek. Is there anything more beautiful than a happy child with a laughing mom?

The crèche is a fantastic offer for his parents, Veronika and Johannes. It allows work and family life to be harmonized perfectly. The acclimatization phases for their two sons were very short and straightforward. The regular daily routine, fixed rules, and empathetic caregivers were/are very important for Jonas and Fabian. Mom and dad are really proud of how well their two children have developed.

"There's a whole lot of heart in this project. The childminders are always very kind, warm-hearted, and responsive to the children. The range of games is tailored perfectly to the age of the children and they are never too crowded. Planet Filli Future helped me enormously in my return to work after maternity leave."

//Veronika Fischer, Fabian's mother and part of the Facility Management team at Fill


The Filli Future song

1.      Hui, wumsdi wumsdi doing, doing da – Filli, he's our little star, a robot, I tell you, who helps where only he is able.

Refrain: This is the Filli Future Song and it goes schubi dubi dong and it goes schubi dubi dip and all the children join in.

2.      Trallala, the time has come, 1,2,3 carnival season, look at who we are now, everyone is a Filli friend.

Refrain: This is the Filli Future Song and it goes schubi dubi dong and it goes schubi dubi dip and all the children join in.



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