Safety first. And fast

Fill company fire brigade | © Fill

Reaction time is measured in seconds. Safety is systematic at Fill.

When assembling machines, heavy loads are moved, high-performance tools used, high-voltage currents connected, and welding equipment employed. A lot can happen here. Avoiding accidents is important. Even more important is a quick and correct response when something does happen.

8:21 a.m. Technology is in action in the production halls at Fill. Machines are busy making things. A fork-lift driver drives along the gangway, a friendly "good morning", music can be heard faintly from the hall radio. A very normal Wednesday morning in Gurten. People love a familiar environment, routine, and stability. But stability, routine, and a familiar environment are the ingredients for carelessness. And carelessness is the mother of all occupational accidents.

A quiet beep, a vibration. A notification appears on Markus's iPhone: EVALARM. The alarm app for Fill's emergency personnel shows an alert for the machining shop. Markus, one of Fill's ten first-aiders, rushes to the indicated location. Luckily, it's only a minor injury. Carelessness, routine, and habit of an actually very experienced colleague – anyone can be caught out. Markus provides first aid. Slickly, but carefully.

Markus Mann is a paramedic and first-aider in the company. He is also a member of the company fire brigade, head of the local red cross unit in Obernberg, member of the Weilbach volunteer fire department, IT officer in the Ried district fire service, blood donation officer, and a contact for SVE (stress management after traumatic missions and psychological support). And a Fill employee for 30 years now.

I love helping people and assisting them in difficult situations."

//Markus Mann, member of the company fire brigade and first-aider at Fill

Fill has had its own company fire brigade with 25 active members since 2018. They hone their skills continuously, they are perfectly equipped and prepared for emergencies. Around one hundred other employees are members of the region's volunteer fire departments. You could say that the Fill company premises are the safest place in Gurten.

Great store has always been set by health and safety at Fill. So, apart from the company fire brigade and first-aiders, Fill cooperates with the Red Cross to provide first-aid training for apprentices and first-aid courses for the entire workforce. The company also runs blood donation campaigns, an in-house vaccination program, burn-out prevention, and various fitness offerings.

Because the aim at Fill is not only to shape the future, but to have the employees benefit from it as well. Healthily and safely.

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