Nuclear power? No thanks

How Fukushima changed Norman’s life

And why product management is so important for the further development of an innovation-driven machine builder.

Norman Präkelt is originally from Hettstedt in Saxony-Anhalt, where he also completed his high school education (“Abitur”). He then attended the Siemens “Technology Academy” in Erlangen, where he focused on automation technology. After his training, Norman worked on construction sites for Siemens nuclear power stations and then changed to a different role within the company in electrical design. As a project leader he was responsible for electrical design and control cabinet construction, while also developing control concepts.

When he was working on a construction site at the nuclear power station in Mochovce, that’s when it happened! Triggered by a severe marine earthquake reaching 9 on the Richter scale, an enormous tsunami hit the northeastern coast of Japan. Waves up to 15 meters high damaged the cooling system of three reactor blocks at the Fukushima nuclear power station, resulting in a core meltdown, the worst possible nuclear accident. A vast amount of radioactivity was released into the environment.

“When I saw images of Fukushima, I made the decision never again to work in nuclear power station construction. I just couldn’t square it with my conscience. As I already knew my now wife Claudia back then, we decided to build our future together in her home region of Upper Austria."

//Norman Präkelt, Product Manager at Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.

That was 2011. Shortly thereafter, Norman started his career at Fill as an electrical project manager. Since 2016, he has worked in sales and project management, and since 2020 as a product manager in the casting technology area. His main tasks include standardization of machines and quotations, project responsibility for new developments, media work, and technical trade fair planning. In addition, he supports Research & Development in all areas. With everything nuclear-free!

“What I find so exciting in my work as a product manager is the opportunity to be involved in developing new products. I am also able to contribute my know-how in project management, some of which I acquired when working in power station construction for Siemens. The most interesting aspect is collaboration between all departments, e.g. R&D, Mechanics, Simulation, Electronics and Software. A project team can only be successful if we all work with a common goal. As a product manager, I’m responsible for coordinating the departments in development projects. I really enjoy this challenge.
//Norman Präkelt, Product Manager at Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H.

As a person prepared to make far-reaching decisions for his personal convictions, Norman has found the right home at Fill.

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